between you and i;

The names Lexi, a Texan first, an American second. Living in Germany, Haven't decided how i feel about it. Drowning in a sea of responsibilities. Once had a set plan for life; but has somehow strayed.


in the south

  • we only refer to people as y’all. that group of people over there? y’all. our mamas? y’all. you? y’all.
  • everyone chews tobacco
  • we have wells where we can draw up sweet tea from the ground
  • nobody pursues education past the age of 12
  • we all know how to run a farm
  • we cry about the civil war at least once a day, twice on sundays 
  • only country music plays. ever 
  • y’all

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People are so afraid of women who aren’t looking for approval

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Problem - Pentatonix (Ariana Grande Cover)

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'Tickle Your Fav Person'

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